This brand’s name is a declaration of intent of what fashion designer Pina Rinaldi wants to express with her bridal high fashion, born to make every customer feel like a movie star in the greatest day in the life of a sophisticated, romantic lady. Her creations are full of glamour, style, originality –and Mediterranean allure, since the atelier is based in Naples, undisputed capital of “made in Italy” passion and sensuality.

Dive & Dame is one of the most elegant and sought-after brands in bridal high fashion, always able to help every bride look fabulous on the day they’ve been dreaming about for so long. This bridal brand takes great pride in offering a quality product that’s an ode to both true femininity and the best Italian craftsmanship. Thanks to Dive & Dame, any bride has the chance to live through her fairy-tale the way she’d imagined it and looking like a princess, since Dive & Dame create every wedding gown using some of the finest fabrics, embroidery and lace in the world.

Her bridal gowns present a unique signature look that fits to perfection and enhances the bride’s figure. With the wedding gown of their dreams, Dive & Dame enables any bride to feel a unique emotional experience and is extremely proud of playing such an instrumental role in their wedding. Dive & Dame presents a fresh and contemporary approach to all things bridal. Their mission is to create sartorially perfect gowns with meticulous, clean lines, and to then top it off with a range of fascinating embroideries and garments. It’s all about dreams and magic.

Each of their wedding gowns is modelled after two criteria: blatant upper class style, and suitability within the wide range of their collection to perfectly fit any bride with the gown that best enhances her, and makes her feel splendid in that, most romantic of days. In fact, Dive & Dame’s wish is to offer brides the kind of refined and sensual look that will make them unforgettable in the eyes of their loved one and their guests. Comfort and romanticism are prioritized in all of their collections: a bride that wears a bridal dress signed by Dive & Dame wants to experience the host of positive emotions that come with the feeling of love. She longs to feel comfortable, happy and extremely beautiful, all at the same time.

The keyword remains originality: with the coming of each new season, Dive & Dame anticipates the challenge of creating something that has never been seen before. Making use of the finest of silks, satins, lace, chiffons, they produce classy, alluring gowns. Dive & Dame offers a bespoke service and each gown is individually tailored after the needs and wishes of the bride. Prior to starting the development of a new collection, a thorough stylistic research takes place in search of contemporary inspiration, which eventually leads to the question –what is it that a bride really wants from her gown? And so each time finding the right answer is a new and exciting challenge that’s eventually materialized in a highly successful collection, by means of a masterful combination of classic and contemporary influences. The result is a host of unique dresses that combine architectural style and sophistication with classic Italian bridal couture.


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